Learn to take

Better photos

with just your iphone


you could capture those precious FAMILY moments in a way that truly reflects their beauty and personality?

let me help

Woman taking a selfie in the restaurant

Perfectly capture...

Every "Watch this" moment

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Every action shots

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The fun and laughter of vacations

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The mess and chaos of life

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Your family's story

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Hi! I´m Kendra!

A former teacher turned professional photographer, marketing coach, and girl mom x2.

I know how important it is to have quality photos that capture the unique personalities, little moments, and everyday adventures in our lives..

Now that we all have high-quality digital cameras in our pockets, it's even more important that we know how to use them to create lasting memories we can pass on to future generations.

I am excited to help you do just that!

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How did I get here?


I learned the hard way

You might think that all photographers have the BEST photos of their kids...but it's like that saying "The cobbler's kids have no shoes" 🤣

While I was taking gorgeous photos for other families, my own family photos were seriously lacking.

I found that while I had my "big girl" camera with me most of the time...I was rarely using it.

Most of my photos were taken on my iPhone...and they weren't great

I decided it was time to take everything I knew about professional photography and apply it to the photos I was taking with my iPhone.

I started to see a BIG change in my day-to-day images, and I was just as proud to show off my iPhone photos as I was my "big camera" photos.

I knew I wasn't the only one

I realized that if I was struggling to take better photos with my iPhone then other moms probably felt the same way too.

I saw an opportunity to help others

And the iClick Academy course and community were born!

Parent Taking a Photo of Their Child

Does this sound familiar?

Person in White Long Sleeve Shirt Holding Silver Iphone 6


Cluttered Camera Roll

Child with Rocket Jumping against Grey Concrete Background


Missing Key Moments


Lackluster photos

Are you tired of opening your camera roll only to feel overwhelmed by the chaos of it all?

Inside the iCA course, you will learn how to organize your camera roll and control the chaos so you never have to feel overwhelmed by it again.

How many times have you heard "Hey Mom, watch this" only to snap the photo a moment too late?

With the iCA course, I will teach you how to use a handy camera feature to ensure you never miss a "watch this" moment again.

Do you ever feel like your photos just lack that little something "extra" that you see in other people's photos?

Inside the iCA course you will learn the elements that make a great photo, along with simple editing tips that will make your photos pop!

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This course exceeded my expectations. Not only was the content amazing, but having the Facebook group to go to with questions was super helpful.

- Britney Lowe. -



iClick Academy

Everything you need to take better photos with your iPhone, organize your camera roll and share your images online or in print

Just imagine...

Being able to take stunning photos of your children and family with just your iPhone, without needing to invest in a "fancy" camera or expensive editing tools.

The iClick Academy course will teach you all the tips and tricks to elevate your photography skills and capture beautiful memories effortlessly.

What you will learn

The ideal camera settings for your photos

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How to get perfect action shots every time

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How to create a beautifully composed image

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Tips for using light to enhance your photos

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Simple editing techniques

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How to organize and share your iPhone photos

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What´s inside the course?

Welcome to iCA

Get to know your instructor (it's me...hi! 👋🏻)) and the content you will learn in the ICA course. This is also where you will find links to the ICA Facebook Community & Affiliate Program.


Camera Settings

Learn how to set up your camera settings to get the best quality images, along with what all those buttons (even the hidden ones) do inside your camera app.


Elements of a grat photo

The type of camera doesn't determine the quality of a photo -it's all about knowing. the basic concepts of photography and how to apply it to your daily images. And that is exactly what you learn in this lesson.


editing your photos

Once you know how to create a great photo, it's time to get creative with "outside-the-box" shooting tips and basic editing techniques..


Organize and print your photos

Let's take control of your camera roll so you never have to feel overwhelmed by it again. Learn how to organize and print or share your images.



Seflies, Night Mode, and Live Photos...oh my! These bonus trainings will take your photos to the next level!


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I love that there is something for everyone in this course. Kendra is also a great teacher. She makes everything really easy to understand and follow.

- Kimberly Jackson -

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Frequently asked

Do I need to have the latest iPhone to take this course?

Not at all! The skills and tips shared in the iClick Academy will work on any iPhone model or iOS.

How long do I have access to the course materials?

You will have lifetime access to the content and all future updates or additions.

Is the course self-paced?

Yes, you can complete the course materials at your own speed.

Kind words from past students


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The course is very easy to follow. Even for someone like me who does really struggle with technology. And I love that you have the downloadable cheat sheets.


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I truly enjoyed this course. Kendra does a fantastic job teaching and is very thorough. She's willing to answer questions as they came up, and provides so many real-life examples to make everything very relatable. I highly recommend her course


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I always knew my iPhone was capable of better pictures than I was taking! I learned so much in this course not just iPhone features but also how to get the best pictures of my family! I highly recommend it

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Who is this course

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Busy moms who want to capture their family's day-to-day moments

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Amateur photographers who want to improve their skills

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Business owners and social media influencers who want to take better photos for their brand

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Travel enthusiasts who want to capture the beauty of the world around them

A Woman Taking Photo of Concrete Buildings
A Woman Taking Photo of Concrete Buildings





of other women

(value $400)

We do enough things in mom life on our own...this doesn't have to be one of them.

The ICA private community is set up to provide you with a space to share your images, ask questions, share feedback and make new friends.

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I would love feedback on this photo.

face with tears of joy
face blowing a kiss
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It is just my kid that won't sit still long enough for any photo?

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I love this! You are doing such an amazing job!

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Smiled selfie
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Selfie Mode


(value $250)


[ sel-fee ]

noun Informal.

a photograph taken with a smartphone or other digital camera by a person who is also in the photograph

Learn how to master the art of the selfie with this "Selfie Mode" bonus training


Night Mode


(value $150)

One of the recent updates to the iPhone camera is the appearance of the Night Mode feature.

This feature allows you to capture low-light images and create stunning night time photos. The Night Mode Bonus training will teach you everything you need to know to use this amazing new feature.

Starry Night during Night Photography
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My only regret is that I didn't have this course when my kids were really little.

- Aime Rowe -


Video Trainings, Downloadable Cheat Sheets, Private Community and Bonus Tutorials + Ongoing Updates




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